Our farm covers an area of ​​about 40 hectares and surrounds the three houses, which sit on top of a hill that catches the sun from dawn to dusk.

It is located right at the gates of the city of Arezzo being the last rural outpost before the start of the town.

Our crops

We have 6 hectares of vineyards where we mainly grow Sangiovese grapes and we have the protection of the CHIANTI DOGC area.

One of the hills of our property is entirely covered by about 500 olive trees, with an average age of about 50/60 years old. We harvest their olives to make our excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP.

The rest of our land is cultivated on a crop rotation with wheat, sunflowers, etc.

The property features two lakes, one was once used as a hunting lake, and the other has fish and a surface area of about a hectare.

Thanks to our flower fields we produce a fantastic honey, and in fact we have taken on three beehives and expert staff to aid production. Our honey is decanted into jars according to current regulations.

About a year ago we created out ORTO MEDIEVALE (Medieval vegetable garden), where we grow seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, tomatoes, salad leaves, onion roots and more, in raised pots, made with planks from old wine barrels.

Our guests may pick these vegetables themselves, giving them the opportunity to savour fresh and delicious, uncontaminated produce due to our organic farming methods.