Located on the first floor of the old barn, the apartment is accessed via a typical Tuscan brick staircase, which arrives at a small balcony where you can admire the view. On the balcony is the door to enter the apartment.

It is decorated in vintage style, with original design pieces from the 70s and 80s, such as the sofas, the chandeliers in the living/dining area and the ambient lights.

The apartment consists of a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, a living/dining area, a fully equipped kitchenette for cooking, and a bathroom with large shower.

The master bedroom has a queen size canopy bed and with mosquito nets, vintage couch and wardrobe. This room also features sought after furniture such as the crystal drop chandelier and the crystal ceiling lamp.

The twin room has a simpler atmosphere with a unique classic wardrobe that has olive wood shelves and modern hangers.

The bathroom with shower and toilet is unique, as the sink area is all made of olive wood. A washing machine is placed under the counter.

The living/dining area has a unique shape, with a large window overlooking the pool, which fills the inside area with light. There is a dining table, vintage sofa, chandeliers and ambient lighting in 70s/80s style, a TV and fireplace.

The Kitchenette is small but equipped with everything you need to cook, a combi oven (normal oven and microwave), a Lavazza professional coffee machine and a toaster and, of course, a fridge.

A unique feature is the two large windows on the side of the kitchen, which are left in checkerboard brick, like in the old barn. From both the master bedroom and smaller bedroom windows, you also have a magnificent view of the infinity pool and can fully enjoy the colourful Tuscan sunsets.